4 Hot 2014 Web Design Ideas To Make Your Page Pop

If there is one big web design theme to stick to when designing a website for 2014, it is simplification. The introduction of new devices and hardware that only support a subset of the overall tools website designers used to take for granted makes keeping designs simple and usable more important than ever. Check out the following ideas to help you make the most of cutting edge 2014 web designs on your next site.

1.Use HTML5

2014 is the year that HTML5 starts showing up in web design in a big way. Look for outdated flash players to start getting replaced with HTML5 players that work on all modern hardware. If you want to embed video, consider using HTML5 for platform compatibility across computers, tablets and phones. There are a variety of scripted players out there now with customizable looks that can handle your video needs.

2. Big Navigation Bars

One theme that is starting to show up in 2014 is grid style web layouts with sticky bars on top that allow for site navigation with a simple mouse-over. These bars have a clean and easy to access look that gives visitors access to your entire site with as little hassle as possible. With clean code backing up the menu, consider trying a simple navigation option that stays with your site no matter where your visitors go.

3. Clean Cross-Platform Planning

One of the big themes in 2014 websites is cross-platform navigation that works well on mobile devices. A huge and growing number of people looking to visit sites on the web are using mobile browsers from either cellphones or tablets. Keep this market in mind by making page designs straight forward and simple to read on every device. There should be as little between the visitor and the content as possible on a mobile device, since scaling up is easier than scaling down.

4. Personalization

As popular search algorithms and social media sites take more personal information into account when presenting websites, becoming more personal on your site has never been more important. 2014 is the year where making who you are, what your site is about and what your site or business offers is the most important step you can take. Make a good looking personal portrait available along with personalized touches that attach you to your site in an attractive and interesting manner.

If there is one important theme to take away from these 2014 design ideas, it is simplicity and user access. With a variety of new devices in different form factors taking over the Internet landscape, keeping designs simple and compatible across multiple platforms is vital. The best 2014 web design options will feature simple layouts that scale well.

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